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Dragon City Hack No Survey No Human Verification

Dragon City HackAs you probably already know, Dragon city is a social network game in which you hatch and breed dragons, build all sorts of buildings, raise farms, and build up your city- which is located on a floating island in the sky. It’s played on facebook, but can also be downloaded as an app on several devices. There’s so much to do in this game, and that’s most likely what has brought you to our page today. There’s so many different breeds of dragons to try and hatch- surely you could never get them all on your own. That may be how it feels anyway, since breeding the dragons takes up so much gold each time.


It can be frustrating, wanting those resources yet seeing that you still have a whole two hours to wait for the food. It can be absolutely aggravating, seeing you still have eight hours for Penny (your dragon) to drop that gold so you can build up your city and buy more dragon eggs or try and use your gold to breed Penny with another dragon. The worst thing of all however, is seeing just how much money it takes to buy that gold or food. It’s practically outrageous and your wallet twinges guiltily. You want to shell out that money on it pretty bad.


Well, my dear viewer- we’re here to help you with that so your wallet can breathe easy.

Dragon City Hack

You’re probably wary about trying “Dragon City Hack


But with our page, you’re safe. There’s nothing to download, so your computer is safe from any possible malware. Even better- our hack works on Android, IOS, and windows because of this. Our dragon city generator will get you free gems and will do it safely and as easy as possible. Our dragon city gem hack will get you breeding those dragons and becoming a better dragon master than ever before. So go ahead and read further down, where we’ll walk you through step by step to make sure you get your free gems painlessly.


Wondering how to use the Dragon City Gem Hack?


There’s a link above, which will be what you’ll click after reading if you wish for your free currency.


  1. Once you’ve come to the portal (after clicking the link), there will be a place to enter your username/email ID
  1. When it directs you to the page, type in the amount of gold and gems you require.
  1. Choose a server you’ll decide to go through
  1. Once loaded, click on the generate button.
  1. Wait for it to load – patience is key
  1. On completion, your gold and gems will be added to your account for you to enjoy.
  1. Please spread the word, for others also want to save money and time in their gaming.

We hope you enjoyed our Dragon City Cheats!


In some cases, there is small chance of a captcha which you may have to complete. After its all finished, the process simply goes as scheduled and you get your free currency you typed in earlier on. This will help you beat your friend’s scores or you can choose to help them get further as well by sharing this generator with them!